Risk Disclosure: There are risks when trading financial markets. 81% of retail clients lose money when trading with this provider. Using leverage, and have an adequate level of training.

Choice of training

Training courses

The training is designed for both beginners and those who want to improve their level of knowledge. Getting started is easy — just choose the course that's right for you!

Broker for trading

Types of training

Online learning is gaining popularity today due to its affordability and convenience. To participate in the seminar, two conditions are required: a computer and the Internet with a good connection quality.

A wide range of free courses and training programs targeted at traders with different levels of experience and skills will allow you to choose the option that best suits your goals!


You can find a lot of literature on the topic of your interest on brokers' websites and on the Internet. These are tutorials, and reference books, and author's methods, and guides for using the MetaTrader platform. But do not forget that independent work will require a certain perseverance from you and, most likely, will take quite a long time.

Full-time education

Many brokers offer face-to-face training. You can attend both express courses and introductory seminars, which are often held completely free of charge, as well as advanced training lessons designed for the more experienced who want to improve their professionalism.

Online learning

For people who cannot or do not want to spend time in face-to-face classes, the opportunity to study online is a great solution.


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